Spaghetti Slings

Spaghetti Slings is the name for my new sling and carrier making business, which can now be found here:

Go to website: Spaghetti Slings

Spaghetti Slings was set up off the back of my enthusiastic hobby after it turned into an increasing busy business. I started off making wrap conversion ring slings for friends and then as commissions and then quickly moved on to tied and buckled carriers made to my own original designs.

Any slings or accessories sewn with a name tape reading “”  were made during 2011-2012 before my ‘proper’ labels were made.  All slings were made to the same high standards using quality thread – all the name tape means is that your sling is one of my early ones!

If you’re interested, then have a look through my blog posts here under Babywearing Projects: Sewing and Altering to find photos of when I first made your sling.  If your sling isn’t here then do get in touch as there are a few that I made that slipped through the blogging net and I’d love to post photos of them if possible!


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