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The Rantings of an Opinionated Mother.

The contents of and views expressed in these posts are entirely my own, and are (to a greater or lesser extent) non-expert opinions. Though I do have strong views, I try to explain and/or justify what I say and I’m not trying to offend or to upset. I’d love to know the views of others, but reserve the right to edit comments as I see fit.

Just so you know my background a bit; I have a BA Hons in Philosophy (special interests: ethical and political philosophy, philosophy of mind and language), and am 2/3 of the way through a BSc in Psychology (special interests: educational and developmental psychology). I have experience of and qualifications in working with children with special literacy needs. Before starting a new company with my husband in late 2010, I worked for 3 years as a research assistant and secretary in child and adolescent psychology research. I’ve also worked in the NHS, and my father has been a GP for 30 years. My sister is in a manging role at a large inner london surgery and I have strong views about the NHS. I was raised to decide my own religion and (after various permutations of atheism and agnosticism) am currently a self-defined practising, scientific athiest.

My position on most things, including religion, is flexible. If I am persuaded by a better argument or evidence set, then I’m happy to change my position.

A Light Through the Clouds: Reply to a Mother with Post Natal Depression

“I have felt incredibly ashamed about PND especially as she is such a good baby – really I have no cause to be so low, but when the dark cloud descends there’s no rhyme or reason” This poignant line appeared … Continue reading

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I want the TV to have an ‘accident’….

…or stages in the plottings of a dangerously pro-defenestration TV saboteur… Stage 1 – Angst leads to resentment I’ve been having real problems with the TV in our house. Whenever it’s on I resent it.  I resent the noise, the … Continue reading

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