Deepest Blue Roses

This unique piece of woven wrap fabric was just simply beautiful and wonderful to work with.  Originally an Oscha Zen Roses and dyed a gorgeous deep blue by Turquoise Fields, this lovely scrap is now a pleated ring sling with silver rings and off to be worn at a wedding!

It’s so hard to show the colours of this stunning sling so here’s a photo without flash:

And with flash:

Neither does it justice so I can’t wait to see proper action photos of this one!



About emeriminni

My name's Emily and I'm a pragmatic mum to 2 inspirational children, Sling Librarian, business owner/manager, part-time student & chronic craft enthusiast. I love reading, ranting, learning and making things & I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, babywearing & practical, natural-ish parenting, and all sorts of creative things (esp. crochet, dyeing, sewing, beading and baking).
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