Cathy’s Pod

Here’s a gorgeous wrap conversion pod I’ve made as a present for a lovely friend.  She left me with two size 7 (5.2m) woven wraps – a stripey Storchenweige Inka and a super soft and snuggly Didymos Hortensia – and after a few days work (over a few weeks!) she now has a stripey Inka pleated ring sling (in a previous post), a size 3 Hortensia wrap and this:

It’s a fully reversible pod, with each side showing the colour of one side of the Hortensia:

The straps and hood are made from the Inka, with the hood ties made from little bits of Hortensia to coordinate. The light and single-layer hood is gently elasticated at the sides to help it to shape around baby’s head nicely when in use, and to add texture and interest when it’s hanging down. It fastens to the shoulder straps either when rolled or when fully up using wooden toggles threaded through elastic loops on the straps.


At Cathy’s request, very light padding has been added inside my normal shoulder strap pleats for the first section of the length to add just a little bit of additional comfort when carrying. The straps flare out from where they join the body to become half the width of the original wrap so that they can be spread over baby when carrying to add support.

It’s come out beautifully and I hope she loves it!  I’m hoping to post action pics soon 🙂


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4 Responses to Cathy’s Pod

  1. Hi Emily, lovely pod! I’m figuring out how to make my own wrap-pod … Did you use an internal canvas layer? If so, does it go the whole length of the pod or just at the top where the straps are? I had a Hortensia too, just beautiful! Missing you in the wraps section of NMs 😉 Thanks, Sara (northern nomad) xxx

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Sara! I used an internal layer for about the top 1/3 of this carrier to add strength to the strap seams and to add support behind baby’s back when worn. I used a thinnish but very strong herringbone weave fabric rather than canvas to avoid adding too much weight to the gorgeous wrappy fabric 🙂 I’ll have to pop back to NMs more often, but just sooo busy atm and it’s so easy to loose hours there! 😉 xx

      • Thank you sooooo much! Hope you’re having fun, you’re very talented, not to mention brave with your wrap-chopping! I bought a cheap Hopp Paris for my pod-curiosity, but having wrapped with it a couple of times, I know I’m going to feel all sweaty when it comes to the chop :-0 xxx

      • emeriminni says:

        Once you’ve chopped you can’t stop! 😉 But seriously it can be super scarey chopping wraps, even when you’re used to it. Good luck! xxx

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