My “Sky Tai” Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Now I’m getting serious!  After many months of planning, pattern making, sketching and testing of various different carriers with all sorts of different features, and looking at photos of other brands to make sure I’m not inadvertently copying anyone, my finalised design for my ideal Wrap Conversion Mei Tai has now become reality!

And here it is! 😀


Here is my new, toddler sized wrap tai made from an Oscha Alto Bluebell and an Oscha Starry Night Forget Me Not.  It has pleated, unpadded wrap straps and wrap fabric waist straps with light padding at the hips. The body panel is flat to aid a snug, wrap-like fit, but the straps are angled to encourage excellent seating position of baby inside the carrier.




The appliqued reversible hood is fully detachable, fastening to the carrier body and shoulder straps using adjustable toggled ties.


The sides of the hood are lightly elasticated to mould around baby’s head and it has an internal roll of padding to act as a neck/head support even when the hood isn’t up (great for those babies who don’t like things covering their heads). You can also roll the hood up completely for a more streamlined neck support.


I’m really so pleased with how this has turned out and so excited to have a gorgeous new carrier to play with! 😀


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