Variations on a theme; Asymmetrical Star Pleats

After thinking carefully about where I prefer the weight to sit on my shoulder when using a ring sling, I decided to try an asymmetrical version of my ‘star pleats’.

This is designed to be used on a particular shoulder (left or right) and when you look at it from the front has the same number of pleats – so 1 wide and 2 narrow parts that look like (but aren’t really) box pleats, plus one extra fold on either edge. However, for the asymmetrical shoulder the wider pleat is set off-centre, and when you look underneath the pleats are similarly arranged so that they encourage the ring sling to sit with the ‘apex’ of the shoulder in an off-centre position.

The idea is that about a 2/3 of the wrap fabric sits nicely flat on top of the shoulder, and 1/3 cups over the shoulder. This is to help prevent too much fabric spreading down over the upper arm, whilst still allowing the sling to cup the shoulder comfortabley.

For now, here are some rather bad and un-ironed photos to try to show how the pleats work (I’ll aim to do some better ones during daylight soon). This particular sling is for the right shoulder, and once again is made from an Oscha Starry Night Forget Me Knot woven wrap:



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