Star Pleats!

I’ve been working on a new design for a pleated ring sling shoulder that combines the features of other ring sling styles that I like best and that I find are most comfy for me.  I’ve now sewn one of the design ideas using an Oscha Eventide wrap scrap.

This shoulder looks a little like a triple box pleat with extra single pleat on each side from the top, but isn’t actually a box pleat at all, as you can see when you look underneath where it looks like overlapping pleats into the centre.


This is designed to spread neatly and cup your shoulder without spreading too far, and whilst distributing the weight evenly to shoulder and the very top of the arm. The seam is sewn close to the rings to allow the rings to sit closer to the wearer’s shoulder, and (finally) the edges of the wrap are arranged inside the pleating to theoretically encourage better positioning of the child in the width of the fabric – only testing will tell whether this works!

And here it is in action (and for me it is very comfy!):


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4 Responses to Star Pleats!

  1. wibkehott says:

    I have to change the shoulders on a couple of library ring slings, one will be a grad from Alex and your star pleats would look awesome!! Would you licence your shoulder so we could have an Emily Star Pleats shoulder? Or would you sew it for us? If so, how much would that be? 🙂 Wibke x

  2. Mirka says:

    Cool, i have had this same idea in my head, and just googled to see if I could see better pics of Oschas box pleats. Glad I ran into this, now will definitely be giving it a try. 🙂 I had one question, if you don’t mind answering, how did you finish the edge off? Is it served, or just zigzag stitched?

    • emeriminni says:

      I’ve used both methods for finishing the raw edges of ring slings depending on the equipment I’ve had available; if I’m not using a proper overlocker/serger then I use 2 different width/lengths of zigzag on top of each other plus 2 rows of straight stitch to help bind it all together nicely. Happy sewing! x

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