More Ring Slings!

I’ve previoiusly posted my Sweet Place and Ecru Pfau ring slings that I made for myself, but I’ve now made lots of wrap conversion ring slings for me, for the South London Sling Library and for friends and so thought I’d post photos of a few of them too. They’re not all here yet, but I’ll try to add photos when I can get them 😀

I chopped my size 3 fringed Natural Mamas Exclusive Girasol to make two beautiful ring slings with SBP pleats (used with permission from Jan Andrea from Sleeping Baby Productions). Here’s the first, with purple rings:

And it’s partner sewn for me with aqua rings:

A couple of simple gathered shoulder ring slings (Didymos Anthracite Hemp Pfau and Lenny Lamb Sunrise Rainbow):

A Didymos Lisa with a Hot-dog shoulder:

Oscha Tussah/Linen/Cotton blend Japanese Knot Ceo ring sling re-done with a shorter Oscha-pleated shoulder to fit me better 🙂

Made for the Chesterfield Sling Library to show/feel the difference between gathered and pleated shoulder styles, here are two different ring slings made from the same Amazonas Tropical wrap:


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