Wrap Conversion Ring Sling with Contrasting Shoulder

For my second wrap conversion ring sling (actually completed spring-2011) I had a slightly-too-short length of a Didymos 50% linen Ecru Pfau woven wrap that I wanted to use to make a supportive, toddler-proof ring sling.Β  To make up the extra length I got a 50cm chunk of a natural coloured Didymos hemp blend indio and decided to sew this onto the long scrap to make a comfy shoulder for a ring sling.

Here’s the finished sling in action:

I’m afraid I made this a long time ago and am only just getting around to blogging it so have lost the photos and notes I made when making it. I’m sure I’ll find them at some point, so will keep all this brief until then! Happy to try to answer any questions πŸ˜€

I basically folded the creamy hemp piece in half widthways (around large silver aluminium Sling Rings) and carefully folded it lengthways so that it would both cup my shoulder and try to avoid having too bulky a seam.Β  The seam will end up behind my shoulder so that the rings are ‘floating’ and the hemp section cups my whole shoulder comfortabley. I pinned and tacked this to hold it in place.

I then folded the Pfau lengthways so that when sewn it would show off the centre panel on the back when worn, so sort of into thirds to make a pocket shape inside the carrier and so that it all lay flat on the wearer’s back. I pinned and tacked this folding in place too.

Then I machine sewed the hemp shoulder onto the pfau section so that all raw edges were hidden. I used two rows of double-stitched straight stitch about an inch apart with a row of satin stitching in between to ensure that it was all very secure.Β  This did make the join rather stiff, but at least it does lie flat on the back.

Finished!Β  The end result does cup my shoulder comfortabley with soft hempy fabric, though ideally I’d prefer the seam to be about an inch further down my back. Even after a lot of use and washing, the seam at the back is still quite stiff but the supportive fabric of the Pfau makes it all a very solid and comfortable sling to wear, even with a heavy toddler πŸ˜€

I’m currently thinking of redo-ing the shoulder to see if I can improve on the feeling of the seam so watch this space!


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