Pictures with Wraps :D

Just sharing a huge bit of silliness that DS and I shared this afternoon while DD napped….

….Inspired by this forum thread: Quick! Someone feed my urge for stash pics! and challenged by this one: The November Babywearing and Wrap Challenge 2011 we recreated scenes and characters from films using wraps….

….the challenge for each of these is to:
a) Guess the film/characters depicted; and
b) (if you REALLY like a wrap-based challenge) Identify as many wraps as possible!

I think these should all be easy enough for most people to get the films/characters, and most of the wraps I think are pretty easy to identify too if you’re at all geeky about wraps (though probably best to ignore the first pic as it’s so fuzzy)

1) We were getting warmed up, so with very simple techniques and with awful photography we produced this:

[This picture has now been removed]

2) Then we decided to get a bit more complicated and colourful (and I realised that it’s better to take pics from standing on a stool) and came up with this:

3) Next DS chose the theme by himself, and we created this:

4) And because we were both finding it all really hilarious by now, DS was an excellent sport and let me do this:

[This picture has now been removed]


5) And as a reward he chose to reproduce this famous scene:

[This picture has now been removed]



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2 Responses to Pictures with Wraps :D

  1. Kashypickles says:

    Those are flipping BRILLIANT! Much joy & tittering has been enjoyed. Thank you Darling one and DS too.
    Huggles n kissels

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