Frankie’s Weather Taggy

[Ooops! I’ve not quite finished this page….there’s still loads of pics to add so I’ll be back to add them soon, I promise!]

I’m back into crafting! I’ve been busy with other things for the last few months, but have been back into making things and have various projects that I’ll be posting soon….ish … Here’s the first 😀

Two weeks ago I donated some of my crafting time to a charity auction, and luckily enough (for me) the winner of my crafting time was the mum to a lovely 3 month old baby girl called Frankie. Perfect! Here’s my little gift for Frankie……a Weather Taggy! I found this project so pleasing and satisfying – not at all stressful and really enjoyable to put together – it just makes me smile 😀

The Rainy side has soft crochetted clouds and raindrops, with a beautiful sky made from a silky furnishing fabric remnant and silver letter beads in the raindrops to spell Frankie’s name. The Sunny side has a patchwork sun with different textured silk and bamboo fabrics to make the background, and golden ribbons for the shining rays of light. Around the curved edged is a crochetted shell edging, modified to look more cloud-like, and on the straight edge is a soft pink taggy ribbon, and (since it’s between the sun and the rain) 7 thinner ribbons to make a true rainbow with a toy ring looped through them. It’s all lovely soft fabrics and (gently) washable so perfect for a little baby!

What I used:

Silvery blue fabric for the sky (silk furnishing fabric remnant)

Three gold/oatmealy coloured fabrics with different textures for the sun: a fuzzy organic bamboo velour, a smooth silk with leaf pattern, and a slightly rougher handwoven raw silk.

I used a lightweight khaki cotton drill to reinforce the fabrics from behind.

Ribbons in 2 shades of gold, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

DK yarn for crochetting (I used Sirdar Bamboo for the darker blue, King Cole Smooth white and an 100% bamboo yarn for the pale blue that I’ve lost the band for) plus 4.0mm crochet hook.

6mm silver letter beads to spell the name.

Thread, needle, sewing machine and paper, pen and ruler to make the pattern pieces.

What I did:

First I made pattern pieces – I drew a semicircle about 7 1/2 inches across and added a 1/2″ seam allowance around the curved edge, and a 1″ allowance across the straight edge (to more securely attach the taggy, toy bits that are more likely to get pulled around).  I also made a segment pattern piece by dividing the semicircle into 6, tracing one segment and adding a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Then I cut out all of the fabric pieces – two semicircles of the khaki drill backing, one semicircle of the sky and 6 segments of the sun fabrics (2 of each).

To make the Sunny Side I machine sewed the segments together, alternating the textures and trying to make the points all line up.

I then opened out all of the seams flat and machine sewed the whole patchwork piece onto one of the drill backing pieces.

I then machine sewed gold-toned ribbons down the middle of each segment for the sun rays.

I decided to attach the taggy bits to this piece, so then carefully pinned ribbons for a taggy loop (1″ pink double satin ribbon), and for a rainbow with a plastic toy loop attached (7 colours of single or double satin ribbons – carefully arranged so that, when held up with the loop hanging down, the ribbons all fall as a lovely rainbow without the ribbons crossing….super satisfying! :D). And because I’d like this to be identifiable I’ve also added my own personal tag. All of the tags are sewn on with at least 2 lots of machine stitching.

For the Rainy Side, I first machine sewed the blue sky fabric to the other piece of khaki backing fabric to reinforce it.  I then crochetted 3 little white clouds (cloud pattern below) and 7 tiny raindrops in two shades of blue yarn (raindrop pattern below). To make all the yarns secure and easy to hide on such tiny pieces I treble knotted the yarn ends together at the back and dabbed a spot of PVA glue on the knot to hold it. When the glue was dry I snipped the yarn ends nice and short.

I arranged all the motifs on the sky, making sure to leave enough space from the edge for the seam allowances and pinning them all down into place.

I then hand-sewed the crochetted motifs by stiching around the edges using double thickness of thread, securely knotted at each end and with seperatley knotted threads for each motif so that if one comes loose, it’ll just be the one bit that might fall off (and the idea is that it’ll all be secure enough to stay on since I don’t want baby Frankie eating crochet!)

I individually sewed on silver letter beads (again using securely knotted double threads, and looping the thread multiple times through each bead) to spell out Frankie’s name in raindrops.

I crochetted the cloud edging (pattern below), sewed in and then knotted the ends. Then I pinned then machine sewed it about 5mm from the edge of the piece on the rainy side.

To put it all together, I carefully pinned all of the rainbows and the crochet edging so that nothing would get caught up in the seams.

I then put the two sides together, face-to-face and machine sewed them securely together, leaving an approx 3″ gap on the curved side near one corner.  I then machine sewed along each side of the hole just under 1/2″ away from the edge – this is to more securely hold down the crochet edging, and give a guide line to follow when hand-sewing.

Carefully turn it all the right way out and gently press the seams flat, turning the edges of the hole in 1/2″. Carefully hand sew the edges of the hold together using invisible stitching (and my usual double thickness, well knotted threads).


One beautiful little project that I hope baby Frankie will love!


Patterns for Crochetted Little Clouds, Tiny Raindrops and Cloud Edging

The Little Cloud and Tiny Raindrop are my own original patterns; the Cloud Edging is a simple modification of a traditional shell edging pattern.

To make a Little Cloud motif approx 4.5 x 2.5 cm:

Using DK yarn and a 3.5mm hook ch 6 and turn

5 DC along the chain starting in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1 and turn

5 Tr into first DC, DC into next, 5 DTr into next, DC into next and 5 Tr 2 1/2Tr into the last DC….

By now you’ll have filled up that last DC so much that the piece will be upside down, so for the next bit just carry on the same row, but crochetting into the bottom of the 5 loops of the original chain….

5 DC into bottom of chain (1 DC into each ch), 2 1/2Tr into 1st DC (the one with 5 Tr in it already), slst to join to 1st Tr, finish.

To make a Tiny Raindrop motif approx 2.0 x 1.2 cm:

Using dark or light blue DK yarn and a 3.25mm hook, make a magic loop and ch 1

8 DC into loop (NO ch 1 – with next bit just continue stright on around)

1/2Tr into 1st DC, Tr into 2nd DC, 1/2Tr into 3rd DC, slst to join to 4th DC + finish.

To make a Cloud Edging approx 30 cm long:

Using dark blue DK yarn and a 4.0mm hook, ch 61 and turn – I deliberately made the chain a bit tight so that it will make the whole piece curve without needing increases in later rows.

DC along whole chain (60 DC), ch 1 and turn

DC along whole chain (60 DC), change to light blue DK yarn, ch 1 and turn

DC along whole chain (60 DC), ch 1 and turn

DC along whole chain (60 DC), change to white DK yarn, ch 1 and turn

Miss 1 DC, 5 DTr into next DC (for first bigger cloud puff), miss 1 DC, DC into next DC, miss 1 DC, 5 Tr into the next DC (for second, smaller cloud puff), miss 1 DC, DC into next DC, …. then continue with the miss 1 DC, cloud puff (5 stitches into 1 DC of whichever size you want – I varied them ‘randomly’), miss 1 DC, DC into next DC, pattern …..after last puff you should be in the 2nd DC from the end so just DC into the last DC and finish.

With 60 DC I ended up with 15 cloud puffs and I varied them by using the following stitches for each as follows: DTr, Tr, Tr, DTr, Tr, DTr, Tr, DTr, DTr, Tr, DTr, Tr, Tr, DTr, DTr. I hope that makes sense!


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