Carries you can do with a size 1 wrap

Here’s another installment of photos and links to wrap carries you can do with a particuler sized wrap.  Here’s ones that I can do with a size 1 (approx 2.0-2.4m wrap).  I’m afraid the current pics aren’t the best, but for now they’ll do.  These carries all work fine with a longer size 2 wrap, just leaving longer tails.  I’ll be adding posts for other wrap sizes once I’ve done them, and will add to this post photos, links and more carries whenever I find a new one!

To use as a no-sew ring sling (repeated from the size 2 page):
I often keep sling rings in my pocket/bottom of my bag and wear a short wrap as a scarf so that I always have it easily available for quick easy carries .

Tips and a videos of how to do these are here: and here:…ad.php?t=42796; there’s picture instructions on the Didymos site here: and my pics of an alternative threading method here:…ew-ring-sling/

Ring sling back carry:

To Use as a Size 1 Shorty Wrap

Whether you can do all of these or not depends on the actual length of your wrap, how thick and well broken in it is (more broken in wraps tend to knot smaller and wrap longer), as well as the size of you and your Little One. I’m a UK size 10/34A and 5’4″ tall.  My DD is about 12-14 months in most of these pictures, and quite slim and tall for her age. Some mamas may find that it’s easier to do some of these with a size 2 (2.5m+) wrap, but you may find that a longer wrap leaves long dangly tails that need tucking in to keep them out of your way.

Rebozo carries

A basic rebozo carry is one which goes over one shoulder and under the other arm.  They are traditionally used in various places worldwide, including South America. You can also do rebozo carries on your front, hip or back – I use a rebozo hip carry with an adjustable slipknot as a quick from-the-car carry fairly regularly.

Here’s a link to how to do a slip knot (very useful for rebozos and any carries that tie at the shoulder at it allows you to adjust the wrap, and is easy to take off):

Rebozo hip carry w/slip knot: I tie the wrap on to me first so that the pouchy bit hangs at about waist/just above hip level (depending on size of child), then I put my baby into it, then adjust and tighten the rails (bottom first to get a good keepit to kneepit seat, then the top rail to pull LO’s body into mine).  Lastly, and only if I need to, I’ll adjust the middle of the wrap to ensure a snug fit all round.  Here’s a link: and picture instructions here:

Rebozo back:  Rebozo back carries are great for sleepy LOs, and work best for me if the child has their arms in (otherwise it can feel a bit lopsided).  I’ve tied this one with a double knot. I put the wrap on and knot it as with a hip rebozo, but then twist it around so that the knot is on my back.  I put DD in then basically hip scoot her in the carry around to my back so the knot ends up at the front.  There’s other ways to do this and here’s a couple of links and this one too

Rebozo front: Again, I put this one on, tied it in a double knot and then twisted the wrap around so the knot’s on my back before putting DD in at the front and then flipping the shoulder to help get a good tension the rails.  You could also tie a slip knot and leave the knot at your shoulder.  It’s up to you! Rebozo front carries are good for inpromptu I-want-to-explore-but-I’ve-just-bumped-my-head/leg/arm-and-need-snuggles carries, and with smaller babies you can turn this into a cradle carry (with the knot behind you) too so that you can b-feed . Link for rebozo front: and for cradle carry picture instructions at the bottom here:

Torso or Kanga Carry

This is another traditional one, often used in Africa using a sarong or blanket to carry babies from newborn (they usually use another mama to hold baby on the back while the wearing mama ties the wrap).  I’ve also seen pictures of mamas using a beach towel to do this to carry their tired Little One back from the beach!  Your LO basically sits in a ruck-type seat of fabric at your back, and the wrap comes under both arms and ties across your chest above your boobs.  If tying this with a wider blanket or towel, you tie the bottom two corners together under your bust first, and then the top two corners.  This carry can sit quite low and so can be uncomfortable if you suffer from lower back problems, or are carrying a heavier child for a long time.  However, it is a great carry for leaving your arms completely free to reach and move if you’re hanging washing or similar, and is more comfortable when tied with a wider fabric rather than with a narrower wrap as in my picture.

To show much better than I can explain how to do a torso carry with a wider piece of fabric:

Scarf – And this is how I carry my shorties around with me!

If you can think of any more carries or good links for me to add, please let me know!


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