Carries you can do with a size 2 wrap

I love short wraps! (Yes, we know this already )  But here’s something new… I’ve been putting together pictures and links for all the different wrap carries I can do with a size 2 (about 2.5-2.9m) wrap, and so here they are.  I’ll be adding more carries to this post whenever I find a new one!

Edit: I also posted this on the Natural Mamas forum and others have added their own links and photos in response here: What can I do with a 2.6?

To use as a no-sew ring sling:

I often keep sling rings in my pocket/bottom of my bag and wear a short wrap as a scarf so that I always have it easily available for quick easy carries . You can also do this with a shorter size 1 wrap (from about 2.2m long).

Tips and a videos of how to do these are here: and here:…ad.php?t=42796; there’s picture instructions on the Didymos site here: and my pics of an alternative threading method here:…ew-ring-sling/

Ring sling back carry:

To use as size 2-ish wrap:

Whether you can do all of these or not depends on the actual length of your wrap, how thick and well broken in it is (more broken in wraps tend to knot smaller and wrap longer), as well as the size of you and your Little One. I’m a UK size 10/34A and 5’4″ tall.  My DD is about 12-14 months in most of these pictures, and quite slim and tall for her age. Some mamas may find that it’s easier to do some of these with a size 3 (3m+) wrap.

Back Carries:

Ruck tied under bum (RUB) – this is about the quickest back carry it’s possible to do!

RUB with chest belt – With some more well broken in or longer size 2s, I can eek a ruck tied under bum with a chest belt (twisted, not knotted), for added support for longer wearing. This one’s definitely better with a 3 for most mamas.

Ruck Tied in Front (RTIF) – Again, with more broken in, slightly longer size 2s, I can tie a ruck tied in front.  As above, this is better with a 3, but it can be possible with a 2! Not the best vid or camera person (you’ll see what I mean!), but a quick watch and has a good way to help get a secure seat in a ruck by tucking the bottom rail up and into the front of baby’s waistband: and great picture instructions here:

Reinforced Ruck tied at shoulder: One of my favourites; start off in a ruck with one short tail + with the tails over each shoulder; the long tail then goes down to make a reinforcing pass that spreads kneepit to kneepit and up to about LO waist level.  It also helps to lift LO’s bum up to add support + you bring it up to meet the short end and tie off in a double or slip knot. I like this one as even if you don’t get LO properly seated in the first ruck pass, the second pass covers LO’s bottom half again and forgives many mistakes hidden underneath! Here’s a link:

Reinforced Rear Rebozo (RRR)
(similar to above, but start with a rebozo, which basically means the wrap is over one shoulder but under the other – you can see the first rebozo pass in deep purple in my pics below – then there’s a second rebozo pass the other way in pink to show the difference)(

Short Back Cross Carry (SBCC). Similar to RRRR above, but each pass spreads across baby’s back and goes under the opposite leg.–HdudQ

DH Rebozo. This start off like a Double Hammock (DH) back carry in that it starts with a rebozo pass with the wrap then coming under one arm and spreading across the chest, but it then ties off in front, ending up as a sort of one shouldered, reinforced rebozo back carry. I this one looks great, and it gives great LO coverage keepit to kneepit, but it can feel a bit lopsided if your LO likes having their arms out, especially if the wrap you’re using has a lot of give.…double+hammock  or

Torso Carry You can do a basic torso carry with a size 2 (where baby is on your back and the wrap only goes under your arms – regularly used from birth in many countries worldwide)….links + pic to come….

Front and Hip Carries:

Rebozo front (, rebozo hip ( and rebozo back ( or this one too). Slip knot is useful for rebozo carries:
(more pics of rebozo carries on my page for Size 1 carries – this is a hip rebozo)

Cradle Carry – Great for breastfeeding and carrying a sleeping 0-3 month old baby. Picture tute for this and hip carry here: or cradle carry.htm

Simple or Rebozo Cradle Carry (with a reef, double or slip knot behind you and flipped shoulder) – great for little babies as the knot’s out of the way behind you. Partly shown as the second version on this video (but I would flip the shoulder at the end so that it holds the wrap away from baby’s face – you can also flip the shoulder with other rebozo carries to help improve the tension of the rails, particularly the top rail): photo to come to help illustrate this one 😀

Hip Cross Carry (HCC) (

Robbins/Poppins hip carry:…eature=related and
This is my version (I think it’s a Poppins?):

You can also do a sort of short FWCC (first pic, like the link, but just tie in front under bum rather than crossing under baby’s legs and tying behind – or semi-kangaroo front carry (second pic, though I didn’t remember to flip the shoulders to help get tension in the rails – tied under LO’s bum. The main difference is that FWCC brings the wrap under arms and then over shoulders before tyeing off under baby’s bum, and the kangaroo brings them over first. Probably better with a 3.

Tummy to tummy tied at shoulder – No idea if this has a real name, but just realised you could do a carry that has exactly the same passes as the semi FWCC above, but tying at the shoulder with an adjustable slip knot. I prefer not to tie under bum generally as I find it harder to tighten, and this way you’d also get a second strong pass under bum to support baby and the slip knot would be easier to adjust. Also probably better with a 3 if you don’t want to tie in the tails. Pics when I get home…..

If you can think of any more carries or good links, please let me know!


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7 Responses to Carries you can do with a size 2 wrap

  1. Mama Natura says:

    Great pics and links, thanks Emily! Size 2s are much more versatile than people realise, I use mine quite a lot. You can also do a simple hip carry with a flat reef knot & flipped shoulder with a short wrap 🙂

    • emeriminni says:

      Thanks! I was recently re-watching the Didymos wrapping DVD and had realised I’d missed a couple of simple ones where you push the knot to the back (and then flip the shoulder) – will update with more pics and links soon…ish 😀 xxx

      • Mama Natura says:

        I was going to link to a pic of me doing a simple hip carry, but the only ones I have are from my Trageschule advanced course photo set and I look like I’m about to kill someone, so I shall refrain! 😀

  2. Sarah Cannon says:

    Emily, I’m enjoying using the rainbow and striped wraps that I bought from you at the babywearing event the other week. These links for how to use a size 2 are so useful, and the photos to match really helpful. It’s going to take me a long time to get to confident grips with this all, but I like it. Eliza just woke feeling a little bit off-colour – staying hugged to my chest when I got her up – I was able to wrap her up without disturbing that wonderful cuddle, and carry on with what I was doing. Gorgeous. x

  3. gagirlfrompa says:

    How would you do the Fwcc tied at shoulders you were speaking of last? I’m not understanding…

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