Deep Sea Pearls

A couple of weeks ago I traded my appliqued Manduca carrier with a lovely mama and got a Melkaj mei tai and a Natibaby Bamboo Pearls wrap in return.  I’ve already had a Nati Pearls (see my first try at a graduation here: Pearls Graduation), but I’d cut that one into a scarf as I found it too short and thick to wrap with.  This one’s longer to start with and I’d like to keep it long and use it as a snuggly winter wrap, once I’ve got it a nicer colour of course!

I’m feeling that I need some more blue in my wrap collection, so the Pearls will go blue of some kind.  Since they start off cream and red, I’m going to dye them with different shades of blue and hope to get blue with purple threads.

Here they are all ready to go:

I put them in the machine with a whole packet of Dylon Bahama Blue and a tablespoon or so of the darker Jeans Blue.

The result was a sort of petrol pearls…

Actually quite nice (and DH liked it), but not quite the effect I was after, so in it went again with a swoosh of Intense Violet….

That’s better! 😀  Though it wasn’t deliberate, all 3 colours were slightly uneven and mottley in the way that they fixed to the thick bamboo/cotton fabric (I’m thinking this must be the absorbent bamboo sucking up bits of dye super quickly before it’s all mixed up properly in the machine).  But because of the red threads running through it in wavey patterns, this isn’t at all obvious, and the whole effect is like being in the sea with darker waves and deeper blues/purples shimmering in unexpectedly subtle ways = Deep Sea Pearls!  Lovely!

Now I just need to do a lot of work to break this in (though it’s already gorgeous and floofy) to get it lovely and thinner and floopier ready to snuggle up in with DD.  By next winter I’m expecting it’ll be lush to wrap with!

[action pics to come]


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