Baby Wipes Tie Dye Experiment

So after helping me with my Agave dyeing experiment, DS and I decided to use up our glasses of different coloured Dylon dyes.

DS wanted to dye one of his T-shirts with the dark green, so we added more water, dye and salt and tipped it all into a bigger tub.

I wanted to brighten up some of DD’s washable baby wipes (which I made ages ago simply by cutting up some 100% bamboo jersey into squares – the jersey fabric doesn’t unravel so you don’t need to hem and the bamboo is super soft and lovely on DD’s bum!).  Bamboo is also very absorbent and soaks up dye really well so I knew that the colour would come out good and strong to show up the tie-dye well.

So DS and I first dampened the wipes, because this is easier to do before your tie them up (note the safety precaution of taking DS’s top off – dye will inevitably get on him if he didn’t!) …

…and then got some rubber bands and string.  Some wipes we scrunched into balls and then tied with rubber bands or string; others we twisted and then tied in a big knot.  Because DS wants everything to be an experiment, we used different ways of scrunching/twisting to see how they would come out differently (+ we added more variations by scrunching/knotting them more loosely or by wetting them after scrunching them rather than before).

Then we just dropped them into our glasses of dye and left them for an hour.

When the time was up we untied them and rinsed them out thoroughly before leaving them to dry.  Done!

The Results:

Here’s some of them drying; the blue one was srunched more loosely so has fewer white lines (more dye could get to all the bits of it), the yellow one was dampened after tying so it has more white areas (the dry bits didn’t absorb the dye as well as the damp bits), the pink and purple ones on the far right were twisted and knotted rather than scrunched and tied so they have streaks of white rather than ‘explosions’ of white.

Fun for everyone!  I get lovely re-vamped baby wipes to make a less-lovely job more pleasing and a perfect Saturday afternoon experimental activity for a 5 year old!


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