More Rainbows! Dyeing Didymos Agave

Today DS and I decided to carry out an experiment dyeing scraps of a Didymos Double-Faced 50% Linen Agave wrap different colours using Dylon Hand and Machine Dyes.  Let the experimenting begin!

We mixed up glasses full of dye in each colour using about a teaspoon of salt and dye powder in each one.  We labelled the glasses as we went to make sure we could tell which was which. We added hot water and dissolved it all in.

We then got our wrap scraps, wet them and then stirred them into each glass of dye.  The colours that we used were: Sunflower Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Tulip Red, Burlesque Red, Intense Violet, Ocean Blue and Dark Green.

After an hour we took the scraps out.  We found that the dye was so strong for the amount of water/fabric that the scraps were very saturated.  We decided to do them again, and this time only left them in for 20-30 minutes to see what happened with less dye of the same colour.  The only one we didn’t do twice was the Sunflower Yellow because it looked so bad already!

The results:

Ok, so as I said we dipped each colour twice so for each colour there’s a darker/more saturated one and a lighter/less saturated one. I’d go with closer to the darker one for what it’d probably turn out like with the correct amount of dye for the fabric weight.

Here are the scraps linen side up (the side that’s originally goldy). Undyed Agave is bottom left. The first two in top row are Burlesque Red, next two are Intense Violet, last two in top row are Flamingo Pink; then there’s one original Agave, next two are Ocean Blue and last two are Tulip Red. Phew!

And here they are cotton side up (the side that’s originally blue) – in the same order as pic above:

And here’s the ones dyed with Dark Green (again two different saturations, with undyed Agave on the right for comparison) – Almost no contrast left showing with this one:

And lastly (because I forgot it in the original pic) here’s the Sunflower Yellow (very well saturated with colour vs. original Agave on the right – linen side up first):

Our Verdict:

Ocean Blue, Intense Violet and Dark Green all look lovely, but you loose most/all of the contrast between the two sides. Flamingo Pink looks lovely on both sides (but better mixed with Tulip Red!), Tulip Red looks great on the linen side, but a bit muddy on the blue side unless you only use a bit of it. Burlesque Red and Sunflower Yellow would be a really bad idea!

And what colour did my Didymos Agave 2.9m go?

Well I’d cheated and dyed it before the experiment…. After a false start hand-dying with Flamingo Pink which didn’t fix properly and went all horrible and salmony…

…I weighed it at about 350g and yesterday  it went in the machine with some salt, 50g of Tulip Red and 50g of Flamingo Pink…

+ +

… and it turned out like this:

This is my favourite picture of my beautiful new Plum-Berry Agave – it’s very true to how the colours look and you can get an idea of the shimmer on the pinky side.  I love it so much now – I haven’t been this pleased with a dye experiment since my Amazonas RainbowDefinitely my new favourite shorty!


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10 Responses to More Rainbows! Dyeing Didymos Agave

  1. Kirsty says:

    Love the colour you dyed your Didy Agave, so georgous! I was just looking at mine and thinking about how much I love to wrap with it, but not that into the colour. Not sure I trust myself to dye it though – never having done it before!

    • emeriminni says:

      Go for it! It’s really straightforward using Dylon Machine dye – just make sure you’ve thoroughly washed the wrap first and it’s evenly damp. Follow the directions and put dye powder + salt in the drum then cover that with a tea towel or something so that the wrap doesn’t get spots of dye on it. Add unfolded wrap, turn on and run the 2 washes as instructed. It’s almost always very even, and so satisfying making something prettier 😀 xxx

  2. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this research of yours! I just got an Agave and kind of hate the color against my skin. I was thinking I’d have to dye it blue, but there are clearly other options! I love how yours came out!

  3. Sara says:

    P.S. If you still have these scraps and it’s not too much trouble, I’m very curious to see both sides of the wrap next to each other in each dye color. I’m having a hard time choosing what color to do, and that would help out tremendously!

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Sara, glad it’s helpful! I’m afraid that I don’t have all of the scraps still, but could have a play with chopping up the photos to put the colours next to each other….? I’ll try to get round to doing something like that if I get the time! Emily xx 😀

  4. Makaela says:

    Hi Emily…

    I love the colour above….’ plum berry ‘
    I am after this …but on a neutral / cream hemp material…( think your original was light blue??)
    I have kind of been thinking the colour I love is Magenta?? but loving your creation..
    I would like you opinion / thoughts on how to achieve this on a neutral background…
    I was thinking Dylons Burlesque Red & Pink Flamengo mixed…
    Do you think that might be a good outcome??
    All the best

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Makaela, the only way to get the colour you can imagine in your head is to test it with the dye. You can do something similar to what I did and use a fabric scrap of the same colour as you’re material and a 1/2 teaspoon of each colour in a glass of water to see how it comes out. Burlesque red often comes out a bit of an earthier colour than I expect; so for a magenta I’d probably go for tulip red + flamingo pink to keep it brighter, but it obviously depends on exactly the shade you’re after. Good luck experimenting! Em xx

  5. Makaela says:




  6. Jackie Gessner-Dubcak says:

    So the plum berry agave is just died with the flamenco first then after it dried a mixture of red an pink and it turned like the bottom picture?

    • emeriminni says:

      Yes it was dyed first with Flamingo pink, though this didn’t fix properly (so if you dyed it with flamingo pink and it worked correctly then you’d get a different result). If you’re trying to replicate the colours I ended up with then I’d suggest trying just the mix of red and pink first and see what it looks like when dry after that before deciding where to go next 🙂 x

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