And welcome to my little personal crafting space! I try to fill my life with all sorts of lovely things that I find challenging, useful, colourful, comforting and practical. I hope that you’ll enjoy me sharing them with you.

**If you’ve been directed here from a label on a carrier that I’ve sewn, then please see the pages about Spaghetti Slings for more information. Photos of lots of my slings are also posted on my blog below. Thanks for dropping by! **

All posts appear below, most recent first.  You can also use the menus on the right to browse my crafty, foody and family escapades.  At the moment I’m making a lot of ring slings, and I’ve also got a couple of patchwork-related projects on the go plus other carrier-plans in the notebook too.  I do a lot of other sewing, some crochet and love customising my various baby wraps and carriers, especially by dyeing them, so I’m finding that I’m currently adding a lot of baby-wearing related stuff!  As a family we love baking so there’s quite a few yummy treats here too.  New things are always being planned and old things are finally getting added so keep checking back 😀

You can click on some of the smaller pictures in my site to see a close-up version (please let me know if you can’t and I’ll check the links).  If anything’s unclear, please just ask by adding a comment to the page and I’ll try to help!

Thanks for reading, and please comment if you have anything to add or say 😀


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2 Responses to Hello!

  1. Rachel says:

    Are you taking orders for wrap conversion RS? Am trying one of yours from a sling library and LOVE it and would like to get one of my wraps converted if poss!

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