Baby Frankenbook – Buttoned Page

The 5th page of my frankenbooks will have a button theme.  There’ll be a buttoned pocket (taken from the neckline of a baby dress), and a piece from the buttoned front of a baby cardigan.  Both are unbuttonable and the cardigan bit will have crochetted flowers with button middles when you open it up.  Finally, there’ll be a few other buttons sewn onto the page for decoration.  As before, I’m making 2 pages at once and so pics may hop between them a bit – I hope it’s not confusing!

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Materials I used for this page:

Yellow background fabric with black/purple flower design approx 11″ x 11″ square.

Green and pink checked fabric with embroidered flowers approx 11″ x 3″.

Yellow and Orange striped fabric approx 11″ x 5″.

Buttoned front/neckline piece from a baby dress.

The front of a buttoned baby cardigan (I’m using 2 of these – one red and one purple flowery).

Red/burgundy coloured fabric scraps for binding the cardigan.

2 x crocheted flowers (pattern/link for these is at the bottom of this page)

A few buttons to decorate.

What I did:

First I cut out and prepared the cardigan patch.  I’m using the button/button-holed part of the cardigan, about 3″ high to fit 2 big-ish buttons and with a good 2-3″ on either side.

Because this was cut from a knitted item, I need to bind the edges to stop them from unravelling.  To do this I cut strips of red fabric about 1.5″ wide – you’ll need 4 strips about 5″ long.  I pinned and then sewed these face-to-face along the front edges of the pieces of the cardigan about 5-10mm from the edge and leaving about 10mm of the binding fabric hanging over the middle edge (this bit will be folded over to neaten the edge).

I folded the strip over once, and then folded the overhanging end part to the back before folded the whole strip over the raw edge of the cardigan piece and pinned it down.  Here are pics of me doing each edge of one piece:

Here it is from the front all pinned down and ready to sew:

With the front of the piece facing up, I then machine sewed along the binding fabric, about 2-3mm from the join.  It would be neater to hand-stitch this invisibly at the back, but I’m time-saving by machine sewing on top here.

Repeat for the other knitted raw edges.

Now I’m ready to start putting the page together.

I buttoned up the cardigan piece into one patch and pinned it where I wanted it to end up on the page.  I then placed the left hand panel fabric face down on top of the cardigan piece and lined up their edges.  I pinned all this and then sewed along about 5-10mm from the edge of the side panel piece.  Now open out the seam and top-stitch along the side panel, about 2-3mm from the join to help the seam lie flat.

I then repeated all this with the right-hand panel piece (from the pics I seem to have sewn the red pocket on before doing the right hand panel – it really doesn’t matter which order you do it in).

Now for the buttoned pocket.  I cut out the piece to be used for this (it’s the pleated and buttoned collar/neckline section of a baby dress), leaving about 1cm extra ll around the edge.  I folded this extra under and pinned it all down (my pocket is a curved shape and so needed lots and lots of pins).

I pinned this in place on the page and then machined two rows of top-stitches around the curved edge of the pocket – first row is about 2mm from the edge, and the second about 6-7mm from the edge.  I made sure to go back over the stitching a couple of times at beggining and end of the line of stitches to make sure it was secure and wouldn’t come undone.  Take out all the pins!

Now for the decorations!

Take the two crocheted flowers and pin and sew them into place under the cardigan piece.  I hand-sewed around the middle ring of the flowers like this:

To hide the sewing, I then securely sewed a button to the middle of each flower.

Finally, I sewed 3 buttons to the left hand side panel, first marking their positions with pins, before securing them using double thickness thread, knotted at the ends underneath.

And here’s the finished page!

Now to Page 6: Lift the Flap and Post the Flower Page


The Crocheted Flowers

I used 2 different sized crocheted 5-petal flowers.  The larger one was made using this great tute for a ‘small flower’:

The small one was a design I made up myself, and I’ve posted it here:

Go to: Mini Crochet Flower

For the one in the frankenbook I used 100% cotton DK yarn and a 4.5mm hook.


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