Baby Frankenbook – Pockets and Beads Page

The fourth page of my frankenbook has two small denim pockets cut from pairs of baby dungarees (one plain and one with velcro fastening).  Across one pocket is the loop + button fastening from the dungaree strap, which you can undo.  Across the left panel is a string of wooden beads (which move up and down the string), and there are a few buttons sewn onto the right hand panel.

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Materials I used for this page:

2 x denim pockets about 3-3.5″ square with plenty of surrounding fabric (mine ended up a total of about 6-7″ square) cut from old baby clothes.  Pockets with different fastenings (zips, velcro, poppers etc.) add more interest.

Decorative fabrics x 2 designs for the borders.  For my book, I needed 2 pieces about 4″ x 11″, but it’s best to start off by cutting pieces a bit bigger than you need as you can always trim them afterwards.

4″ approx of 1″ rainbow elastic.

Button + loop fastening from a dungaree strap.

18″ approx of polyester cord.

Chunky wooden beads that fit the cord.

A few random buttons.

What I did:

First it’s probably best to cut the fabric surrounding the pocket to that it’s square, leaving a space of at least 1″ all around the pocket (for seams etc.) I didn’t do this as I still hadn’t decided how big I wanted my page at the time.

I first sewed the two denim pocket fabrics together, one on top of the other like this:

I then looped the rainbow elastic through the metal loop of the dungaree fastening and did the button of the fastening up as it is when worn.  I placed the fastening across one of the pockets, and pinned and then stitched it into place on either side (sewing about 5mm to the edge so these stitches will end up hidden in the seams):

Close up of dungaree fastening when finished:

Next I sewed the left and right panels to the central pocketed patch.  This is done in the same way as the side panels on page 2.  Skip the next bit of explanation if you don’t need it.

To do the side panels, take the 2 pieces of fabric (mine are about 4″ by 11″ and are different shades of blue), lay them face-to-face with the pocket fabric along the left and right edges.  Pin and then sew the first piece to one side of the pocket (here’s the left hand panel sewn on):

Open the seam out, and with the right side of the piece facing up, top-stitch along the side panel fabric about 2mm from the seam.  This will help the seam to lie flat.  I then did a second row of stitches about 5mm from the first, just to add a bit of interest and to compliment the double rows of stitching on the denim pockets (you can also see this in the close up pic above).  Do the same with the other side and now it looks like this:

If you haven’t already, trim the edges of the whole piece to make them straight and square.  Mine is now about 11″ square.

Now for the bead string.  I’m using a strong polyester cord (the kind used for the ‘string’ in draw-string bags), and chunky wooden beads (the coloured ones were taken from a bracelet and the larger natural wood ones were from a broken abacus at work).  The cord is long enough to overhang the page by a good 3-4″ on each side. I knotted one end of the cord and threaded on the beads.  I then knotted the other end.  The knots are just to secure the beads on while you finish the pages and won’t end up showing on the finished page.

Pin the bead string to the page (see pic for how to pin the cord), and then sewed back and forth across the top and bottom of the string about 5mm from the edges of the page to secure it.

And finish by hand-sewing any buttons or other decorations that you fancy onto the pockets or borders.  I’m sewing a row of three assorted buttons onto the right hand border.  As with page 2 I first marked where the buttons were going to go using pins.

To sew them on, I used double thickness of thread, sewed through the buttons lots and lots of times, and knotted the thread ends to make it all really secure.

And now you’re….


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