Baby Frankenbook – Toy in Pocket Page

The third page of my frankenbook is going to have a big pocket cut from an old dress of DD, with a rattley ring to live in it, held on with elastic.  This page is put together in a very similar way to page 2, so please excuse repetition if you’ve already read about that.

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Materials I used for this page:

Red pocket about 5″ square with plenty of surrounding fabric (mine ended up a total of about 8-9″ square) cut from old clothes.

Decorative fabrics x 4 designs for the border.  For my book, I needed 2 pieces about 3″ x 11″, and 2 pieces about 4″ x 7″, but it’s best to start off by cutting pieces a bit bigger than you need as you can always trim them afterwards.

12″ approx of 1″ rainbow elastic.

Rattley Ring Toy (for my 2 books, I took 1 from the baby book used on page 1 and the other from an old toy of DD’s).  Whatever your toy, make sure it fits in the pocket!  If it doesn’t have its own ring, you could hold it on with a curtain ring in the same way as the book pages on page 1.

Biggish button

What I did:

First it’s probably best to cut the fabric surrounding the pocket to that it’s square, leaving a space of at least 1″ all around the pocket (for seams etc.) I didn’t do this as I still hadn’t decided how big I wanted my page at the time.

I started by top-stitching around the pocket.  The pocket was obviously already sewn down, but I wanted to be sure that it wouldn’t come undone (and since the dress the pocket came from was from Primark, I didn’t trust it to be well made).  Because I’m using the same cream thread as with everything else, it also helps tie it all togther.  I stitched around about 2mm from the edge of the pocket (this pic also shows the finished, top-stitched border seams):

I then sewed the left and right borders to the central pocket fabric.  This is done in the same way as page 2, but for this page I’m putting the shorter pieces of fabric left and right rather than top and bottom of the middle.  Skip the next bit of explanation if you don’t need it.

To do the sides of the border, take the 2 shorter pieces of fabric (mine are about 4″ by 7″ and are different patterns of blue background with stars), lay them face-to-face with the pocket fabric along the left and right edges (mine aren’t at the edges because my pocket fabric is cut too big).  Pin and then sew the first piece to one side of the pocket (here’s the right hand border sewn on):

Open the seam out, and with the right side of the piece facing up, top-stitch along the border fabric about 2mm from the seam.  This will help the seam to lie flat:

Do the same with the other side:

If you haven’t already, trim the extra bits of pocket fabric (the big triangular red bits in the pic above), as will as the top and bottom of the whole patch to make the whole patch a straight-edged rectangle about 11″ wide.

Before doing the top and bottom borders, you need to attach the toy (I’ve left it until now so that it didn’t get in the way when sewing the sides on).  For the same reason, it’s probably even better to do the bottom border first before attaching the toy and doing the top border last.

I looped the elastic through the ring and pinned the ends together.  I then put the ring in the pocket to check how long I needed to leave the elastic (I actually made the elastic long enough to hang over the pocket when the toy’s on the outside, just to make it easier to pull and play with), before pinning the ends of the elastic to the edge of the pocket fabric in the middle above the pocket.  I then stitched this into place, going over it a couple of times to secure it.

Now for the rest of the border: take the 2 longer pieces of border fabric (mine are about 3″ by 11″, and in purple tones), and repeat the process above to pin, sew and then top-stitch them to the top of your piece…

…Because I’d left them a bit longer, I then trimmed the edges of the side pieces (blue stars fabric) to that they were the same width as the top piece…

…and do the same to the bottom, trimming if needed to make it all square:

Now hand-sew any buttons or other decorations onto the pocket or border.  I’m just sewing a single, big-ish button onto the pocket as my border is quite busy already.  As with previous pages I used double thickness of thread, sewed through the button lots and lots of times, and knotted the thread ends to make it all really secure.


Now to Page 4: Mini Pockets Page with Beads


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