Baby Frankenbook – Taggy Page

The second page of my frankenbook is going to have lots of little tags (to be a bit like clothes labels, which DD loves playing with), with a plastic curtain ring on one of them and a row of little buttons.

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Materials I used for this page:

Middle patch of fabric about 6″ square (I used a square of yellow patchwork I’d made for a previous unfinished project – notes on how I made it are at the bottom of this page).

Red Satin Butterfly fabric for the border – I only used one fabric for this as the patchwork middle was quite busy already, but you could use 4 different fabrics for fun.  For my book, I needed 2 pieces about 3.5″ x 11″, and 2 pieces about 3.5″ x 6″, but it’s best to cut pieces a bit bigger than you need as you can always trim them afterwards.

20″ approx of 15mm double satin ribbon in pale yellow/gold (double stain ribbon is satiny on both sides and better quality, more sturdy than single).

5″ approx of 20mm yellow webbing

White plastic 50mm curtain ring

Small pearl and wood buttons

What I did:

First I cut my ribbon into 4 equal lengths, folded them into tags and pinned these to the edges of the yellow square, with the taggy bit facing into the middle of the square.

1 length I just folded in half, and then folded the end over the edges of the square before pinning (on the left side below).  To make it a bit more interesting, on the next side, I folded the ribbon in 1/2, and then half again to make a double thickness, 1/2 size tag, and folded it over the edge before pinning (left hand tag along bottom below).  For the next tag I folded the ribbon concertina-style into 2 taggy loops, and pinned.  With the final ribbon, I did another concertina double-tag. Here they are finished to show what I mean:

I took the webbing and looped it through the curtain ring before pinning it to the yellow square (same as with the green webbing on page 1).

Here’s them all pinned on:

And how I folded them over the edge:

Now stitch all around the square, about 1/4″ from the edge.  I went back and forth a couple of times over each tag to help secure it (this may not have been necessary, but there’s no harm in it).  Where the ribbons are folded under the yellow square, this helps to secure them even more strongly.  Now you have a taggy patchwork square!

To do the border, take the 2 shorter pieces of fabric (mine are about 3.5″ by 6″), lay them face-to-face with the square along the top and bottom edges.  Pin and then sew them to the top and bottom of the square:

Open each side out, and with the right side of the piece facing up, top-stitch along the border fabric about 2mm from the seam.  This will help both the seam and the tags to lie flat:

This is how mine looks now (though it’s currently on its side with the ‘top’ to the right):

Now take the 2 longer pieces of border fabric (which are about 3.5″ by 11″), and repeat the process above to pin, sew and then top-stitch them to the sides of your piece (close up of seams in the pic showing the buttons below).

Now hand-sew any buttons or other decoration onto the border (as with page 1 I used double thickness of thread, sewed through the button lots and lots of times, and knotted the thread ends to make it all really secure).

Lastly (if you need to), trim the edges of the whole thing to make it square.


Now to Page 3: Big Pocket Page with Rattle Toy

Patchwork Square:

Sorry, no pics for this as I made them ages ago.  Hope the explanation’s clear!

To make a 6″ patchwork square like the yellow one that I used in the middle of this page, take 8 x 4″ squares of yellow-toned fabric and cut them in half diagonally corner to corner to make 16 triangles.  You need 8 triangles to make 1 finished square (I used all 16 because I made 2 patchwork squares).

Pair up the 8 triangles and place each pair together, face to face.  Sew along the longest/diagonal side, about 1/2 and inch from the edge.  Do this for all 4 pairs and then open them out.  You now have 4 patchwork squares about 3.5″ square.

Pair up the squares and sew each pair of squares together along one edge as above.  You now have 2 patchwork rectangles about 3.5″ x 6″.

Sew the two rectangles together along the longest side as above.  You now have a 6″ patchwork square made of 8 triangles 😀

I then cut a 2.5″ circle of yellow fleece and pinned it to the middle of the square.  I satin stitched all around the edge of the circle (satin stitch is like you find on the edge of sew-on badges – it’s basically zig-zag stitches sewn really close togther to completely cover the edge of the piece you’re sewing on).  Mine’s not terribly neat, but it does the job!



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2 Responses to Baby Frankenbook – Taggy Page

  1. grace says:

    what a lovely idea, do you mind if I use it? found your blog via the naturalmamas forum which I have just started using, just starting my own blog so am loving looking at others! will be back for more inspiration

    • emeriminni says:

      Of course! Glad you like it 😀 I’d love it if you could send pics of what you do + I’ll post them here too!
      I’m currently working on the finishing touches of the 2nd Frankenbook + will post alternative options for this page and others soon!

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