Baby Frankenbook – Zipped Page With Hidden Book

The first page of my frankenbook is going to have a big, zipped pocket.  When you open the zip, there are two crinkly pages of a baby picture book held in by a curtain ring and webbing.  I also added a leaf-shaped button in one corner as an after-thought.   I’m making 2 of these at the same time with slightly different fabric, so please excuse the pictures hopping between them and ask questions if my explanations aren’t clear!

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Materials I used for this page:

Brown cotton fabric with pink pattern for background (approx 11″ square)

Orange birds cotton fabric from Ikea

Nice, chunky collar zip from an old jumper of DH (easy for little hands to undo)

Baby book with 4 crinky fabric pages (I used 2 pages in each of my books)

4″ approx of 20mm green webbing

White plastic 50mm curtain ring

Big brown leaf button

What I did:

First I cut the zip out of DH’s jumper, leaving at least 2″ of material all around the zip.  Try to cut it so that the resulting patch is reasonably rectangular.  Lay this on top of your background fabric (mine is brown/pink), where you want it to be.  Cut 2 pieces from your surrounding fabric (mine is orange birds) so that it is about 1″ longer than your zip piece, and wide enough on each side to overhang the edge of the background by about 2″ if placed edge to edge with the zipped piece.  If in doubt and you have plenty of fabric, do what I do and just cut it waaay too big + then trim the excess from the page once you’re finisjed.

To sew the zip to the surrounding fabric , lay the zip fabric (zipped up) face up.  Lay one piece of the surround fabric face down, and with the edge of the surround fabric about 1″ from the edge of the zipped piece.  The bottoms of the fabric should line up, and the surrounding fabric will stick up 1″ at the top.  You can just see this in the machine pic below.  Sew these together, about 0.5″ from the edge of the surround fabric.

To neaten this seam, now take the whole piece face up and sew one or two rows of stitching on top of the surround fabric parallel to the seam (mine are about 3mm and 15mm from the seam).  This will help the seam lie flat, and also hide the raw edge of the surrounding fabric inside the zipped fabric.

Open this out and turn it over so that the wrong side is facing you, but it’s still the right way up.  We’re now going to hem the sticking-up bit of the surrounding fabric, so fold it down so that the top edge of the surround fabric is lined up with the top edge of the zipped piece.  Now fold it over again so that the raw edge of the zipped piece is hidden in the hem.  Pin along this, and sew it down about 10mm from the edge.  Then trim the edges of the zipped fabric so that it now looks like this inside (+ outside):

Do this again for the other side of the zip (or you could do both sides together like I did).

This piece is going to be the big pocket.

Loop the webbing (or ribbon etc.) through the curtain ring, and pin the webbing to the edge of the backing fabric, making sure that it’s about 1″ below where the top of the pocket will be.  Sew this a bit less than 5mm from the edge of the backing fabric to secure it.

Now place your zipped pocket on top of the background fabric, with the edges together (or with the surrounding fabric overlapping if you cut it too big like me):

Pin and sew around all 3 edges of the pocket, just over 5mm from the edges (I also sewed across the top to show me how big the page was going to end up).  Now you have a zipped pocket, with toy ring inside.

I took the baby book to pieces by unpicking the pages from the ring that held them together – if you have one which is sewn, I’d try to unpick it, or simply cut the pages out and re-sew them.  You could also put stuffed fabric letters, or shapes, or flatish toy or whatever you like in here.

And then re-sewed the pages by hand to the ring inside the pocket.

Last of all I hand-sewed on a big brown leaf shaped button to make the front of the pocket a bit more interesting.  Whe sewing buttons on things for babies, I always sew a few knots before cutting the thread to make sure it’s really secure and can’t get pulled/bitten off.


Now to Page 2: Taggy Button Page…


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