First Crochet Projects – Hats and Scarf

[Ooops! this post isn’t finished yet – please check back later :D]

Here’s a brief summary of my first wearable crochet projects – most are worked in the round, and I’m including patterns for those that I made up myself, or links to/details of those that I followed patterns for.

Stripey Cotton Hat for DD (Basic Hat Pattern below):

Having learned to crochet little flowers, I decided to try something bigger – a hat for DD.  I looked up patterns, but was scared by the idea of having to do a gauge piece and sensible things like that first, so had a look at the basic idea.  Essentially a hat involves working in the round (same as you do with flowers), crochetting increasing, continuous circles until it’s the right diameter, then just continue to double crochet without increases or decreases until the hat covers the ears, then slip stich to finish the edge.

That sounded manageable!  So I began…. (unfortunately I didn’t take pics as I went, so just describing these really).

The basics:  I’m using a double knit cotton yarn in various colours, and a 4.5mm hook. I’m only using 3 types of stitch: chain stitch (Ch), double crochet stitch (DC), and slip stitch (Sl).

To get the right diameter, I just held the increasing circle onto DD’s head.  To get the length, I tried it on her from time to time.  When it was the right length, I finished the edge with slip stitch, but found that the slip stitch made the edge too tight and it wouldn’t stretch enough to fit her head.  So I undid the slip stitch, and went around the edge again doing 1 DC in one stitch, then 2 DC in the next, and repeating all the way around.  This made the edge slightly frilly (but not too frilly – I’m not keen on frills), which looked cute too.  I then slipstiched in each stitch, and this time the edge was long enough to fit (phew!).  I added one of my many flowers + it looked super cute!

[pics to add]

I decided to (typically!) complicate things and make it stripey, so tried adding in different colours every now and then to keep it interesting.  When changing I left longish yarn tails, which I used a darning needle to sew in at the end.   So at the end of each round, I basically stuck the hook through the stitch to start a new DC, then instead of picking up the old yarn, I picked up the new one, and carried on with that for a round or two.  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to start the new colours in a consistent place on the rounds, so ended up with a sort of wandering seam around the back of the hat.  This only shows up badly because of the stripes, so going for a single-colour hat as a first project would be much more forgiving.

Basic Hat Pattern (I’m sure there’s more sophisticated patterns/shapes, but for me this works fine as a basic easy pattern):

Start with a foundation loop, and chain 2

Work first double crochet into the foundation loop, then 5 more into the foundation loop = total of 6 DC into the foundation loop.

Work up in increasing circles – basically for each new circle, add 6 stitches (so total stitches for each round are the 6 times table: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 etc.).  To do this evenly, the first round has 6 stitches, the second round you do 2 DC into each stitch = 12 stitches; the 3rd round you do 1 DC into the first stitch, and 2 DC into the second, and continue alternating = 18 stitches; the 4th round you do 1 DC in the first and second stitches, and 2 DC in the third + repeat x 5 more times = 24 stitches; the 5th round you do 1 DC in the first, second and third stitches, and 2 DC in the fourth + repeat x 5 more times = 30 stitches.  Continue this pattern, adding one more 1 DC between each 2 DC on each round.  This should result in a circle of crochet that lies flat (or flat-ish if you’re me!)

When the hat is the right diameter, just continue doing 1 DC in each stitch until it’s the right height to cover the ears.

To finish, I did 1 DC, then 2 DC + repeat all round to make a slightly frilly edge.  Slip stitch in each stitch and sew in end to finish.

Skinny Silk/Bamboo/Cotton Scarf for Me:

[desc. and more pics to add]

Wooly Hat for DS:

Here’s a snuggly wooly hat made for DS out of recycled green wool yarn with just a couple of blue cotton yarn stripes near the bottom to add interest.  I made it simler than DD’s, as he’d asked for a ‘camouflage hat’ + it’s wool so very warm and water resistant too!

Pattern: Basically the same as DD’s stripey hat above, but without the extra 2 DC s in the final row, as that looked a bit girly.  Instead I made the whole thing wider to fit over DS’s head easily + just fastened off when the hat was long enough leaving the edge as a normal round of DC stitches.  This also happily means that he’ll be able to wear it for years to come, whereas DD sadly grew out of hers before the weather warmed up!


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