The Creative Inspiration of Horrible Histories….

So my 5 year old DS called me into the bathroom where he’d been splooshing about for while as he usually does, and with a big proud smile on his face said:

“Mummy, can you smell my hair?

Now DS is notoriously evasive when it comes to hair-washing, and so spying the shampoo by the taps I thought ‘Bless! He’s actually washed his hair himself!’.  So I bent down and sniffed his hair.

“It smells lovely, what did you put in it?”, I said automatically, not really smelling anything.

“Well, I put a bit of wee in it ” DS beams back.

“You put wee in it?”

“Um, yes! It’s a cure from Horrible Histories”

“How did you put wee in your hair?”

“Well I weed into this (holding up the soapdish), and then put it in my hair and rubbed it in. Horrible Histories said to put wee in your hair and leave it for 24 hours, but I thought that it would go yucky so I missed out that bit and just put the wee in.”


“What’s it meant to be a cure for?”

“For hair”

“It’s to cure you of having any hair?”

“No its a cure for washing hair”

Ah….so he’s trying to cure himself of ever needing to wash his hair again….I should have guessed!

“Well we’re going to have to wash it properly now, and maybe you shouldn’t try out the things on Horrible Histories – they only tell you them because they’re horrible and usually didn’t work”



“It really does work

“I doubt that, and it’s really not a good idea to try out everything they tell you about.”

“Mythbusters tell you not to try it at home, but Horrible Histories didn’t and anyway I didn’t do the yucky bit”

Didn’t do the yucky bit?

…I give up!

But on the plus side I haven’t laughed so much in ages

….DH later informs me that it was meant to be a cure for dandruff .


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