Dusky Rosa

I bought a Didymos Linen/Cotton Rosalinde Size 4 (379cm) which had been dyed an even antique grey using dylon (machine dye I think).  The grey was nice – sort of a mid-dark soft grey – and great for DH, but a bit dull for me, so I’m going to give it a colour change.

I’d initially decided to attempt a turquoisefields-amethyte-style graduation using Dylon intense violet and antique grey (similar to these ones: http://turquoisefields.blogspot.com/2010/11/gd-amethyte-rosalindes-upgrade.html and http://turquoisefields.blogspot.com/…ite-rosie.html), but after hearing horror stories about trying to get dye to fix well to Didy linens, I decided to do it one single colour all over.

I haven’t decided which colour yet so first I need to get rid of all that grey…..

My grey Rosa before (showing colours on each side – there’s not much contrast left between the sides).  Rosa is originally pinky on the linen side and very pale grey on the cotton side (I think?).  I’ve already washed her with synthrapol to remove any hidden stains.

Since initially I wanted a graduated grey on one side and paler in the middle before graduating to purple, I thought I could try to do a sort of graduated strip to keep the grey I already had.  But when I dipped it into the mix, it seemed to strip quite severely straight away, so I thought I’d just dunk the whole thing.  I used 2 sachets of Dylon Colour Run Remover as I couldn’t get hold of Pre-Dye locally.  Here’s me splooshing about in the solution.  You can see that the different colours on each side of the wrap look more distinct, but it’s worryingly muddy…

And here’s why you need gloves for stripping (I never bother when dying as it doesn’t seem to do any harm and I don’t mind the weird looking hands)…  I think the chemicals (rather than the heat) have blistered the ends of my fingers on both hands (it didn’t hurt so I didn’t actually notice until they started feeling a bit numb)… ooops!

Hmmmm……. After a wash and dry, Rosa looks like this (taken in v. similar light to original pic above):

So she’s a sort of lilacy dove grey on the cotton side, and an odd greyish pinkish on the linen side – there’s definitely more contrast, but she’s still not very pale.  Interestingly, she was quite crunchy before I started, but post-stripping is now much softer and floppy, despite all the washing!

After dithering for a while about what to do I then dunked Rosa in colour run remover again (being such a chicken lol).  The colours changed slightly and now there’s even a shimmer returning to the linen side (pics to come).  Still debating whether to try to strip more….

I actually started to quite like this wrap, but the colour is still quite unpleasant and so (because I was feeling a bit reckless) I’ve now thrown it in a wash cycle with Dylon Pre-Dye to strip properly….

Here she is in the wash (looking brown and murky….um…oh dear!):

So rosa recovered from her pre-dye bath and is now very similar to how she would have been originally.  After asking a mama who knows, I now know that my Rosa is the same shades, but paler and with a bit less contrast than she would have been originally.

Hmmm….I still don’t know what colour she’s going to end up!

Some time later…. So Rosa is now in the machine with 75g of Tulip Red, 20g of Flamingo Pink and 5g of Intense Violet Dylon machine dyes (+ the compulsory 500g of salt – I get through so much salt!)  This is a test of whether I’m yet able to predict what colour I’m going to end up with.  I *think* I’ll get a slightly dusky deep pinky red (I can see it in my head, but it’s an odd middly shade – I’m basically trying to match the colour of a top I have).  Anyway…. results to follow….

And here’s a picture showing my new Dusky Rosa (cotton and linen sides on the top left and right), against the top that I was attempting to match the colour of (bottom).  I think my guess was pretty close!   In real life, the colour of the Rosalinde is a very similar tone to the top, but a few shades lighter – to match exactly I think it could have done with a slightly higher proportion of intense violet and then slightly more dye overall (maybe 150g of dye rather than 100g).  It still looks lovely, and now I just need to start breaking it in to get it comfy and soft after all that dyeing!

And the most fantastic action pic ever!  This is how I found DH and DD when I came home one evening – apparently he’d wrapped her on his back and (I quote) ‘she sort of slipped’ around to where she was when I opened the door! 😀

And then I sold this Rosa, and she’s been even more colours since!

See this thread on naturalmamas.co.uk: First she was stripped even more (http://www.naturalmamas.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=109659), and then dyed blue and then purple (http://www.naturalmamas.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=121147)

I love it! 😀


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2 Responses to Dusky Rosa

  1. Allan says:

    Hej! Your Dusky Rosa is nice hanging on your line, and I would like to know how I become this color. Until now i have colored 1200g white 100 % cotton. The result is to pink and to light. I like the transparent color Dusky pink combination with the deeper tone. hope you will answer soon because we do it now. Greatings from Allan

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Allan, this post lists the Dylon shades that I mixed to get the end colour, though it will come out different on plain white fabric than on fabric that is already a pale grey. Maybe you could try adding a little grey into the mix to get the dusky tone? You can search for a Colour Mixer Tool online where you can add the fabric and dye colours you have, and see how they might look when mixed 🙂 Good luck!

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