Forest Fruits Tsunami

This happened a couple of months ago, but for the sake of completeness I want to add it to my blog.  It also shows how dyeing often needs a relaxed & experimental attitude, patience and lots of confidence!

September 2010

To make the story clearer, rather than redoing it all stage by stage, I’m just going to mostly copy the posts I made on naturalmamas forum at the time… I hope it makes sense!

Post 1 – Bit of a Tsunami … 😦

Sorry for woeful rant, but I think I’m having a bit of a waves-based disaster

This afternoon I’ve been trying to turn my cassis waves into a sort of forest fruits wrap.  The cassis colours are red, blue and white, but they give a shades of blue and purple effect.  I decided that if I dyed them a yellowy green, then they’d get a sort of shades of green and brown effect and it’d be all foresty and earthy looking.  But I’ve totally lost my dylon mojo So far the dye just isn’t sticking right and the white bits are pukey greenish and the blue bits are muddy blue, and the red bits are a yukky bricky colour, and its having the effect of making me want to hide.  It’s totally failing to look like it did in my head

It’s in the wash again, and I’m going to see what it looks like when it dries, but I’m really scared it’s going to come out awful and I’m going to have to strip it and then loose the contrast of the waves

Post 2

…so it’s out of the machine, still damp but I took pics anyway… It looks quite ill, like it got dunked in a swamp, but since the colour didn’t dye very strongly I think I’ve got away with keeping the waves contrast and just need to over dye it.

So since I’ve totally lost my confidence with dyeing, I’m going to machine dye it next time – what colour should I go for? I’m thinking just something like dylon amazon green, and then at least I should get some nice green shades, even if the other bits don’t quite go to plan. Or should i try a lemony yellow (by way of blue + yellow = green), or might that just go all a bit mustardy coz of the greenish already there? Help!

Front and back before dying:

Front and back after dying:

What I was kind of aiming for…sort of… but richer greens and browns…

Post 3

Thanks mamas! Though I think the pics are a bit flattering compared to how it actually looks! It’s not what I’m really after yet, but I’m feeling better about giving it another go
I wish I knew what went wrong + why it didn’t stick right…

Post 4

Originally Posted by kyte View Post
You probably needed more dylon than you used

You’d think, but I weighed it as 550g of fabric and used 2 green and 1 yellow pack of hand dye (should do 250g fabric each).   I was scared I’d used too much!  And I remembered the salt and I’d prewashed in synthrapol so I’m all bemused about what happened.  Hence it must be bad dylon mojo

Anyway…. it’s in a green machine bath atm so fingers crossed…..

Post 5 – After machine dyeing with full pack of Dylon Tropical Green

I must be thinking about this the wrong way.

Now it looks like this:

Which is still too swampy for me, and in fact looks worse than before. I think I’ll try one more time, but with dark green and see what happens. And then maybe panic again

Back to the dye shop…..

Post 6

I’ve ordered even more dye + will post results next week. I’m now scared that this poor didy will be super crunchy by the end of all this, but I guess that means more motivation to sort it out so I wear it lots and lots!

Post 7

So now it’s in the wash with 1/2 a pack of dark green, and I’m then going to wash/rinse it for most of the rest of the day to get all these chemicals out and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have something I like

Post 8

Originally Posted by lilchick View Post
Looking forward to seeing the end result
and I’m completely bricking it! *crosses fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes…*

Post 9 – After machine bath with 1/2 pack of Dylon Dark Green

I think it’s worked! It’s still wet, but looking much better It’s no longer a swamp and is sort of a lovely foresty green, which is just what I was after. The flash on the pics is washing the colour out a bit, it’s closest to the last one, but looks more rich greeny irl.

Can’t wait for it to dry to see it properly in daylight

Post 10 – Yay it worked!

Thanks! I’m just so relieved I like it now – at least all the stress was worth it in the end

Action Pic (taken by a 5 yr old so a bit wonky ):

Update 17/12/10:

I totally love the colour of this wrap now – it’s lovely and rich and warm and earthy and foresty and makes me feel all natural and grounded 😀  Definitely worth all the stress!

I’ve also learned to be open minded about the results of dying, and willing to try try try again and either live with less-than-perfect results, or to work out how to solve them….  It’s all good in the end 😀


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2 Responses to Forest Fruits Tsunami

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi! I found your blog via google, I’ve been thinking about trying something like this with my Inka Storchenweige! I love everything else about it, but the color scheme is just way too cool for my taste so I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it warmer and more earthy. Any experience stripping/dying Storchs or any advice you could share? I was thinking of trying to strip it, then going with either an orange (for warmer shades of brown) or green (to get something a little like what you ended up with), but not sure how well it will take since it has a dark indigo base and can’t find any sites where anyone has tried stripping one. I don’t have much dying experience, so I’m leary of jumping in and ruining an otherwise wonderful wrap just because it’s not aesthetically my thing, and would appreciate any advice!

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Hannah, I’m sure I’ve seen a Storch Inka that was over-dyed (without stripping) in a burgundy/purple colour to tone it down a bit + that works very well. I’ve no idea how it’d strip, but suspect that you’d loose more of some colours than others + if you’d like to retain a sense of the contrast in the stripes then over-dying without stripping would probably work better than stripping first. You could also see if you can find any wrap scraps of Inka anywhere (I think I used to have some, but I gave them away unfortunately) that you could experiment on. If you want to end up with similar tones to me then go with a similar mix of greens and see where you end up – there is a bit of plunging in and seeing what happens, but using a colour mixer tool online can also help you to get an idea of results 🙂 Good luck! x

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